Who I am if you care

I am the descendant of Appalachian storytellers. Which is a fancy way of saying that bullshit is in my DNA. I left the hills and hollows of southwestern Virginia and went out to look at the big bright world a long time ago. I wanted to know how things really worked.

Between then and now I've lived and learned, fought and fled; winning some and losing others. I found good & evil in the hearts of men and love in the heart of a woman.

My kids keep my mind sharp and my dogs remind me to try to be the person they think I am. I am a soldier, the son of a sailor and a redneck by birth. I was a roughneck by necessity and have become a philosopher by aspiration. I have a few good friends and count myself lucky to know them. I might be wrong but I won't lie. Unless you ask me if you look fat in those pants.

Since 1974 I have had many different jobs but only one occupation; I decided early on that I was not the “thirty year” type of guy. Instead of getting a skill and spending the rest of my life perfecting it I would try to learn how to do as many things as I could. I embarked on this journey in the hope that from the accumulation of these experiences I would develop a unique insight into the human condition. I guess now we will find out if I have succeeded or not.

I was inspired to get as big slice of life as I could handle. Might have gone a bit overboard.

Things I've Been

  1. Navy Brat
  2. Appalachian story teller
  3. Farm Hand
  4. Grease monkey
  5. College Dropout (Animal House #1 movie in 1979, & I tried to be John Belushi)
  6. Mechanic
  7. Arabian Horse Ranch Hand
  8. Thug
  9. Body Guard
  10. Security guard
  11. Steel handler
  12. Oil Fields
    1. Surveyor
    2. Map maker
    3. Pipeliner
    4. Wire repair
    5. Roughneck
    6. Powder monkey
    7. Doodlebugger
    8. Trouble shooter
  13. Soldier
    1. Sergeant
    2. Scout
    3. Lead Scout
    4. Truck driver
    5. Mortar-man
    6. Cold War Border Legion
  14. Martial Artist
  15. Athlete
  16. Coach
  17. Mentor
  18. Working with children
    1. Youth Counselor
    2. Site Supervisor
    3. Alaskan youth program wilderness guide
  19. Bouncer
  20. Cab driver
  21. Youth Sports Program co-founder 501 C3
  22. Tour guide
  23. Writer
  24. AM Radio Announcer - high school basketball play by play
  25. Magnificently unsuccessful small businessman
  26. Computer Geek
    1. Boeing, Microsoft, AT&T, Coinstar, State of Alaska, Dell, Vizio
    2. Computer Instructor
    3. Computer Technician
    4. Network Technician
    5. Remote support Technician
    6. Network engineer
    7. Network Operations Center Supervisor
    8. Laptop Repair Technician
    9. TV Repair Technician
    10. Secure Encryption Support Engineer