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Meme Ponds & Winning Elections

Oct 16, 2012 News

Let me break this down for you…

In the first debate Mitt Romney dropped a brick in the big pond.

America both hates and loves politics like it loves and hates its winners. In order to be a winner in politics in America you need to understand media and how it connects to the masses of people you need to reach and influence.

These masses of people are divided into groups; these groups are connected by media like newspapers, radio, television, Internet and variations of emerging technologies. The 21st Century media outlet has evolved into a conduit for a flavored message feeding a specific partisan pool of information, let’s call these pools of information ponds.

You need to look at these ponds as groups of like minded people, mentally bonded together; its a colored media cloud suspended above co-thinking fellow travelers. They are fed from above by media and below by the other members of the pond. Bricks and pebbles are memes, dropped in from the clouds like rain and the ripples reverberate to every shore, carried to every denizen of the pond by all the others, like a water molecule passing a wave of energy to its neighbor. Let’s go further and call them meme ponds.

These meme ponds of knowledge are constantly being edited and updated moment to moment. They also are separate and exclusive in that they tend to stand in stark contrast to one another in both the “information” they produce and what they pass on to others in their specific ponds. Most Americans tend to stay in their own meme ponds, so to speak.

FoxNews and other conservative media feed a right side meme pond and MSNBC along with others feed a left side meme pond. But these are not the only ponds out there. We are limited to what meme ponds we are members of by what we choose and what we have chosen for us by our location and access to information. Some smaller meme ponds are affiliated with the larger ponds and pass ripples of knowledge from their bigger cousins.

How this works is Rachel Maddow drops pebbles in her pond on her show every night; Sean Hannity does the same in his meme pond. The ripples from these pebbles are confined to the pond they were created in. Pebble = Meme = pebble in a pond. It ripples out in millions of conversations over the water cooler, or like with the two old codgers I heard at breakfast yesterday telling each other how Romney was going to be the president that finally makes us energy independent by drilling in Alaska.

So whats a brick? A brick is an event. Not an astro turf creation, it’s a certified event. 9/11 was a brick, so was Katrina and the tsunami in Japan. Brick = a really big pebble that reaches all ponds in an unedited form. A brick has its own momentum and is uncontrolled by its nature.

And the last presidential debate was a brick as well. It rippled across all the meme ponds with its own momentum. It’s a brick because 70 million people watched the live feed, with no media filter. That would come later on the after-shows.

So, Republican Presidential Candidate Willard Mitt Romney dropped a brick and is surfing the wave it created. But it won’t be the last to hit the water.

Now, this thing is going to be interesting

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