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Karl Rove will survive

Nov 08, 2012 Politics

Karl will survive, but it is interesting to see him dancing around. I don't think he will lose too much because there isn't anyone on a national level on that side to displace him. The GOP will take a look at the issues they can bend on to attract the minority voter. Look for Republicans to go after Hipancs very aggressively. They will go where they have the most in common; Hispanics are very religious.

A study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found Hispanics who expressed a religious preference to be overwhelming Catholic...

"According to the survey, 68 percent of Hispanics are Catholic, 15 percent are born-again or evangelical Protestants, 5 percent are mainline Protestants, 3 percent are identified as “other Christian” and 8 percent are secular (1 percent refused to answer)."  

So more abortion and gay marriage, less anti immigration. They are going to develop a man crush on the Dream Act, it will pass within one year of the inauguration with both sides vying for the credit. Here is your first indication.

This is the way the GOP can expand their options with out eroding the base too much. Poor under educated whites fear blacks more than Hispanics, in my experience. Its an easier sell for them.

I hate myself a little bit for speaking so dispassionately and generalizing people in this way. But that's because I have a soul...and morals... and a conscience that holds me accountable for my actions. Karl Rove and his ilk suffer no such restrictions. And so he will spin, and someone will listen... and away we go again down the rabbit hole... sigh.

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