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Meme Ponds & Winning Elections

Oct 16, 2012 News

Let me break this down for you… In the first debate Mitt Romney dropped a brick in the big pond. America both hates and loves politics like it loves and hates its winners. In order to be a winner in politics in America you need to understand media and how it connects to the masses of people you need to reach and influence. These masses of people are divided into groups; these groups are connected by media like newspapers, radio, television, Internet and variations of emerging technologies. The 21st Century media outlet has evolved into a conduit for a flavored message feeding a ...

Malala Yousafzai

Malala makes me cry for us all

Oct 12, 2012 News

Let me break this down for you... A fourteen year old girl is shot down on her way home from school. She is targeted by a religious group of Pakistani Taliban in the Swat Valley, a mountainous area known mostly as a vacation destination for many Pakistani Going forward it will be remembered for something else. What was her crime? What could she do that would make grown men decide that ordering the killing of this child was an acceptable choice? What was her transgression? She spoke her mind. Malala lives in a place where the act of speaking your mind can cost you your life. Unfortu...

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