21st Century American Dream

21st Century American Dream

Oct 18, 2012 Breaking It Down

Let me break this down for you, kids… The latest version of the American Dream is currently being revised. Thanks for playing! The American Dream is a complex concept that has been many things to a lot of different types of people over the years. To the hippie counter-culture cynic it’s a red white and blue sales pitch with a cold plastic heart, a thing to be scorned and avoided at all costs; like soap, water and work. Everything will be fine if we give the world a big hug and a bong hit. To a free market capitalist it’s a modern day version of an 1881 episode of &ld...

Me and the boys in the motor pool back in 1986

The Lost Border Rap

Oct 11, 2012 Breaking It Down

My name is Edd I guess you know, I’m all dressed up like a GI Joe. Driving my jeep along the Grenze, Looking at the Russians over cross the fence. Cause I’m Border Rappin’ Uh huh, uh huh yeah. 19 seconds is what they say I got After the balloon goes up and this shit gets hot But I don’t care ‘cause I’m a scout Kicking Russian ass is what I’m about Cause I’m Border Rappin’ Uh huh, uh huh yeah. “Border Patrol Rap” Circa 1987 Bamberg, Germany Eagle Troop 2nd Squadron 2nd US Armored Caval...

Edd Webb and David Wink at the Office - Pullman, WA

The importance of being older

Oct 10, 2012 Breaking It Down

Let me break this down for you... Getting older puts things in a different perspective. I realized the other day that I do not feel like I have a generation. Too young to be a Baby Boomer or a member of the Greatest Generation I'm too old for Generation X Y or Z. My generation is so lame we didn’t even get a name. If we did I missed the memo. We were the lost generation, the last one to grow into adults before the information age dawned; we have one foot in the black & white past and the other on a digital banana peel. We’ve experienced free television with 3 channels...

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